Explore China


Explore China showcases China for the western traveler. With a unique western point of view, this show will intrigue and excite the hip young travelers who don’t know much about China. The show will depict the modern aspect of China covering everything from the music scene in Shanghai to the most awe inspiring hikes for adventure travelers.


Each 24 minute episode promises to keep you captivated and entertained as we unlock the true spirit of China. The episode will be decided into 3, 8 minute segments. The episodes will first and foremost feature individual cities thematically, such as wine culture in Shanghai. Later on the episodes will be re-edited to show the wine culture in all of China.



Ep – One of the Shanghai episodes will take our American Viewers into the China’s modern wine bars and the growing wine culture in Shanghai.

Ep – One of the Shenzhen episodes will feature the Shenzhen fashion week as well as well known Chinese designers making their name across the world.

Ep – One of the Sichuan episodes will feature adventure travel destinations along with temples, technology and family activities in Sichuan.


Ep – The hiking episode will feature the best hikes in China. From the forests of Hainan to the plank road (World’s most dangerous hike).

Ep – The technology episode will take the audience to the AI labs in Shanghai as well the Tianjin Eco-city. It will explore how technology in China surpasses expectations.

Ep – The street art episode will introduce the audience to street artists and their art from Hong Kong to Chengdu.



XIAYONG Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Satellite Television. Mr. Wu began his media career as a reporter/producer for Radio Beijing and made his mark as an award-winning programmer. Later in his career, Mr. Wu returned to China, and with his friend Liu Changle launched Phoenix Satellite Television, which today is the largest Chinese Language Television Service in North America.

LARRY NAMER is the founding partner of Metan Global Entertainment. Larry is a visionary veteran with over 40 years in television. Mr. Namer is best known as the founder of E! Entertainment. Today the entertainment giant is valued at over $3.5 billion USD.

JEAN ZHANG is Metan’s Executive Vice President. Ms. Zhang has over 10 years’ experience in international management, promoting business and cultural cooperation between China and the United States. Ms. Zhang was a distinguished Associate Professor at the University of Science & Technology’s School of Management in Beijing, prior to beginning her rise in the private sector.


RICHARD S. KAUFMAN is the Producer and director of Explore China. The Emmy nominated producer and director is known  for his critically acclaimed tribute film introducing Hillary Clinton at the 2008 National Convention.  Later, he teamed-up with Oscar winner Matt Damon on a series of short films for Clinton during her term as secretary of state. 

DAN WETHERBEE is the producer and editor of Explore China. Mr. Wetherbee is an award-winning film maker and editor for numerous documentaries and feature films. His credits include movie trailers, include the STAR WARS, STAR TREK, X-MEN, THE KINGS SPEECH, and for the epic Chinese film THE FLOWERS OF WAR for director Yimou Zhang.

JINHUA YANG has received The National Best Documentary Award, AMPA Award and the prestigious Golden Apple Award. Ms. Jang is the CEO of the Douban Film Awards. She has served in leadership capacities in ventures that include: RDR Culture and Communications, Cloud Plan Film Investment and Elegance Film and TV, a joint venture with Air China, and BBDO Shanghai