Metan Global Entertainment is a multi-media company focused on delivering Western entertainment content to China, and conversely, producing and exporting high-quality content in China to be sold and distributed internationally.

The company’s focus lies particularly with the young urban Chinese audience—the fastest growing consumer market in the world. Metan Development Group provides global brands the opportunity to engage the Chinese consumer on a variety of platforms including television, film, the Internet and digital mobile devices.




THE BRUCE LEE PROJECT is a new competition series in search of today’s men and women of action – not just martial artists but true warriors who are not only physically accomplished but thoughtful and spiritual individuals who push themselves to achieve their highest human potential. In so doing, THE BRUCE LEE PROJECT does not seek to find the next Bruce Lee but rather other warriors for the ages!


FASHION X is a new video fashion magazine designed specifically for the Chinese market. The Fashion X team travels the world to provide an insider look at the fashion events, people, and places that are driving fashion trends around the globe. We are not just about the runway but more importantly we are about the influence of fashion in todays pop culture. Fashion X is a partnership between Metan and IMG, the largest talent agency in the world. 

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EXPLORE CHINA is 20 part TV series being made for western television stations in Europe and the US. Metan has partnered with Astral to develop and produce this comprehensive look at modern China. This English language series of half-hour shows was brings the audience into the China scene that they previously never imagined exists. From the booming growth of entrepreneurship to the central government mandates for environment conscious growth efforts, Explore China looks at China that typically is never seen. Metan has provided development and production management for the entire series as well as handled all the permits, licenses, and clearances, necessary to do a foreign production in China.


EMPRESS, a feature film, is based on a best-selling historical novel, ‘Empress’. The film will have an entirely Chinese cast with one western character framing the narrative. It will be shot in English for an international audience. The Screenwriter is Oscar-winner Ron Bass (Rain Man). The producer is, Joon Choi (Thirst, Snowpiercer) who is the former head of CJ America. All period-piece sets and costuming are to be supplied courtesy of the Chinese Government.

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