Based in Los Angeles, New York and Beijing, Metan Global Entertainment Group (Metan) has extensive experience, resources, and connections, in Hollywood, China, and the global media market. Metan is a very modern take on how media companies must structure in today rapidly changing business landscape. No longer is content distributed over a single technology and no longer is the United States the totally dominant marketplace for content. 

Metan has embraced these changes while many companies continue to fight the inevitable. We create content that is designed to take advantage of all modern technologies  and maximize revenues and profits across all. All Metan business verticals recognize the changes in distribution, ecommerce, social media. Further Metan is the first company to design new content services or business models which it develops and tests in emerging markets such as China and India (under very favorable economic circumstances ) and then deploys those in global markets.

Metan management team is ideally suited to carry out this strategy as its top executives are not only well respected in traditional media but also recognized widely as pioneers in new technologies and new markets. Marty Pompadur is the former Chairman of Newscorp Europe and spearheaded the expansion into Russia, eastern Europe and Asia. Larry Namer is the Founder of E! Entertainment TV which is the world first truly global network servicing over 120 countries. He is also widely recognized as one of the leading experts on how technology changes the fundamentals of the media business and has provided consulting services to such companies as Microsoft, Sirius, Echostar, Radio Shack. Jean Zhang has 10+ years in international business experience between China and the United States. She is the founder of AmeriLink Group.



Partner Companies Co-Owned by Metan

Ming Yian, is a social media platform that connects Western celebrities with brands and their fans through China’s many social media channels.

Celebrity clients include:. Ian Somerhalder, Avril Lavigne, Gal Gadot, Pele, Juan Mata, Jessie J, Jonathan Kite, Paris Hilton, Pitbull, Paula Abdul, Akon, Lindsay Lohan, Nick Young.

A venture to tap into Hollywood talent, including writers, directors and producers to create original production and programming for the China market.

The extensive pool of participating talents includes Emmy Award winning Hollywood writers from shows such as “Mash”, “Murphy Brown”, “Miami Vice” and more.

A joint venture with Shannon Lee (BruceLee’s daughter), Keanu Reeves and Benarova Films to develop a Kong Fu reality show called “The Bruce Lee Project (TBLP)”, which is based on the philosophy of Bruce Lee.

The LLC controls all the rights including the format, production, distribution, sponsorship, broadcasting, film adaption, and ancillary revenue development.

The China-production arm of Metan, Mei Tian manages the development of all the projects targeting the China market — from production, distribution, to sponsorship.

Established under VIE corporate structure to comply with Chinese government regulation. Mei Tian has all the Government required licenses / permits to conduct media business in China.

Permits & Licenses


Mei Tian (Metan’s China production arm) has all the required licenses and permits to create and produce just about any form of content from TV drama, reality shows, to motion pictures. These permits enable a foreign partner company to immediately start operations in China.

Powerful Connections

Mei Tian has a strong and substantial network of relationships  including: SARFT senior executives (China’s highest governing body for media and entertainment industry) as well as the creative community throughout China, including top TV / film production talent

Bi-cultural Team

Metan’s senior executives, with their long-term, high level experience and relationships in the international entertainment and media industry, provide Metan access to high-value IP, formats and talent to create projects for both the Chinese and global markets.

"For China" & "From China"

Metan’s senior executives, with their long-term, high level experience and relationships in the international entertainment and media industry, provide Metan access to high-value IP, formats and talent to create projects for both the Chinese and global markets.

Assisting Chinese Companies

Leveraging its relationships with top industry executives and insider understanding of the international entertainment industry, Metan assists Chinese companies with overseas investments or acquisitions of high quality entertainment projects and assets (film, TV, sports, music, recreation, etc) .

European Licenses Film & TV Content

Metan contractually represents RAI, a large scale European film and TV content library in Greater China. The entity of the library is one of the 23 founding broadcasting organizations of the European Broadcasting Union. The type of content in the library includes films, TV dramas, reality shows, talk shows, documentaries, cartoons, sports, music, variety shows, etc. The library has extensive European soccer content which appeals to China soccer fans.

Other Content Libraries

Metan has a sound relationship with many western film and TV production companies and studios and exclusively represents varieties of western content libraries in Greater China, covering films, TV dramas, reality shows, varieties and entertainment programs, cartoons, documentaries, musical, TV films, mini- dramas, etc. The subjects cover military, science, horror, comedy, romance, urban, sports, education, music, entertainment, pet, game, recreation, fashion, etc. Each library contains thousands of titles.

IPTV Channels

Metan exclusively represents hundreds of IPTV channels, including celebrities, life, health, sports, film and TV, cars and reality show (detailed list available upon request).